New Product Development

At EPC we are always looking to improve on the service we offer our customers that is why New Product Development is so important to us. We focus on developing systematic methods for guiding every stage involved in getting a new product to market in a timely fashion while putting a large amount of focus on formulas and products from start to finish.


To keep up with the latest innovative products and trends  we keep a close eye on what is happening within our industry with regard to product development, cost, speed, flexibility and design. This allows us to offer our clients the best possible advice from the early product development stage right through to commercialisation.


New Product Development Process

1. Agreement in Principle

  • Formulation
  • Packaging
  • Cost
  • Lead-time


2. Product Development

  • PO for product development
  • Generation of Samples & Customer Tests
  • Generation of Artworks
  • Initial Assessment of Stability
  • Preservation Efficacy Test (PET)


3. Documentation & Final Agreement

  • PO for Commencement of Commercialisation
  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Full Test Data
  • Manufacture Trial


4. Finalisation – Receive Product

  • Manufactured and Shipped to Customer