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L.A. Pacific

Project Overview

EPC founded L.A. PACIFIC in 2019.

By partnering with entrepreneur and brand consultant Hannah Moore and one of Europe’s leading dental and beauty insiders, we are proud to formulate what we believe is the best whitening toothpaste out there. The team set out to make teeth whitening accessible, effective and safe for your oral health.

Own Brand



While the toothpaste industry is monopolised by a few big players. EPC together with leading dental and skincare experts decided it was time for change.

Many of the whitening options on the market are harmful to our oral health. Consumers were and continue to use damaging products without understanding the short and long term impacts on their teeth.


We now have our L.A. PACIFIC portfolio of innovative oral-care – a range of whitening toothpastes that is premium multi-action, effective, providing instant whitening results, proven by independent clinical tests and is good for your oral health.

We aim to innovate, with sustainability at the brand’s core and to disrupt the market. Our goal is to educate our consumers and wider community on the importance of safe and efficacious ingredients in oral care and hygiene – we hope you join us on our journey.


We are hugely proud of the L.A. PACIFIC brand and evolving portfolio. Fully made in Ireland and inspired by the health and wellness trends on an international level, L.A. PACIFIC is set for global domination.

L.A. PACIFIC is available for purchase on www.lapacific.com and also in Boots, Lloyds, Cloud10 and other leading pharmacies.