Cosmetics Standard Range

Day Cream
This is a light moisturizer that you wear every day under your make-up. Day Cream protects your skin from the elements of sun and wind.


Night Cream
The main difference between day and night cream is that night cream may not contain SPF. Night Cream feels lighter than day cream and helps improve anti-ageing benefits.


Face Serum
Face serums are light and easily applied moisturisers that penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver its active ingredients. Our Face Serum is specifically formulated using CoEnzyme Q10 to combat ageing skin.


Hydrating Lotion
Hydrating lotion softens and refreshes the skin, allowing it to fully benefit from its hydrating properties.


Cleansing Lotion
Cleansing lotion is for people who have sensitive or dry skin which requires a gentle and refreshing product.


Body Butter
Body butter is a rich cream that moisturises your skin, and makes it feel  soft.


Hand Crème
To help repair damaged hands so that they look younger and feel softer, Hand Créme is a perfect product.