Welcome to Europharma Concepts (EPC) Contract Manufacturing. We pride ourselves on delivering a range of quality products that meet the individual requirements and budgets of our clients worldwide. Our modern and scientifically focused manufacturing plant in Clara, Co. Offaly specialises in the production of  Healthcare products for premium brands in the cosmetic and oral care market.


We develop and manufacture a range of toothpaste formulas for Dry Mouth, Whitening, Sensitive, Stain removal, Enamel Protection and alcohol and non-alcohol mouthwashes. We also manufacture pastes, creams, gels and liquids. With extensive capabilities we can fill these products into a wide selection of jars, bottles, laminate and aluminium tubes, from sizes of 2 ml to 5 litres, all suitable for the oral care and beauty markets.


Our team of experts  will help and advise you on finding the best solution tailored to meet any order big or small. Our dedication to meeting clients’ individual requirements has led to increased flexibility allowing us to manufacture all batch sizes, while maintaining maximum efficiency.


Why not contact us today on +353 57 9364950 or by email on info@epc.ie where we will be happy to provide you with a top class service.